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What Can YOU Do?

What can someone do when confronted with the realities of court scraping, shady forum shopping, deal poaching, aggressive solicitations, and poor rates on factoring transactions, especially from big factoring firms?

  • If you think your clients aren’t factoring, think again. They are getting hounded by mail, phone calls, and ads on TV. Most of the time, they don’t feel the need to call their brokers about factoring.

  • If word reaches your ear that an annuitant is being hounded, refer them to and Information is out there to arm people against factoring predators; give it to them.

  • Let them know what to expect once their case is structured. When it comes down to factoring, refer only to those you know to have good track records; those who don’t engage in unethical, aggressive, or shady behavior.

  • Know who’s doing more than just talking the talk – know who’s walking the walk. Bentzen Financial is leading the way to clean up the industry. We wear the title “irritant” of the big factoring companies with pride. Click here for more on choosing Bentzen Financial.

  • Know why the factoring giants have notoriously poor rates, in general; it’s simply a matter of cost. The bigger you are, the more it costs to get and close a deal. Click here to learn more on this topic.

  • Sign our petition to protect the personal identification information (PII) of structured settlement beneficiaries so that they won’t get scraped by shady factoring companies.

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