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Take Action: Protect the Privacy of Structured Settlement Annuitants


We have spoken to a lot of brokers since the unveiling of the Ethics Initiative and there is an interesting trend developing. Many brokers haven’t heard of any harassment going on and are shocked, rightfully so, when informed. Both the brokers who don’t know and the ones who do, however, generally aren’t sure what can be done to help the situation.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Click here to sign the petition calling for protections of annuitants’ privacy.

  • Spread the word of the Ethics Initiative and the petition; but most importantly, provide the information to any party who has a stake in this, be they annuitants, attorneys, other brokers, plaintiffs, judges, whoever. Knowing there’s a problem is the first step in fixing it.

  • Some of you have suggested presentations at NSSTA conferences and getting NSSTA backing. We’d be happy to do so, but we’re a small factoring company spreading the word for a clean-up of the industry. If you support our involvement with NSSTA, including presentations at NSSTA conferences, contact NSSTA movers and shakers, such as the president and board members. Let them know that you support the Ethics Initiative and would like to see its inclusion on the NSSTA agenda.

Solutions to each of the ethical issues facing the industry will present themselves over time. It is our hope that with widespread industry support we will examine the issues carefully together with an eye to resolve them in the near future.

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm.

#petition #protection #structuredsettlements #ethics

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