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Petition: "Stop Robocalls and Phone Harassment!"

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Have you ever been hesitant to pick up the phone because you thought it might have been a pesky telemarketer? Or, if you’re an annuitant, have you ever been hesitant to pick up the phone because you thought it was going to be someone asking, yet again, if you’d like to factor out your payment stream? is affiliated with, as many of you are aware, and we think it’s pretty evident by now that we’re very much against these sorts of phone calls, but we’re not the only ones who feel this way, and beyond simply asking you the rhetorical questions to draw you in, we thought we’d point out an opportunity to get involved with others who are tired of this sort of thing.

The Consumers Union of the United States has a petition circulating with over 24,000 (as of this post) signatures on This petition seeks to “Stop Robocalls and Phone Harassment!” and is directed at cell phone service providers. If you’re like us and think that you should be left alone, especially if you’re on the National Do Not Call List, then we encourage you to drop by and sign the petition yourself: It’s fast, easy, and represents yet another step in the right direction. Much as we say throughout this site: Get involved. Educate yourself and others to this site, this petition, and opportunities to stand against unwanted solicitations.

Can we make a difference? Yes, we can. We just need to make the choice.

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