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Information for Annuitants

Man Frustrated Over Cash Calls


You’ve made the right move coming here.  Welcome to and feel free to use any of the resources available on this site to help you become confident and secure in your position as the one holding the reins for your financial security.


Your structured settlement or annuity is important, both to you and your financial independence but also to those who operate in the ‘secondary market’ of the structured settlement business, the factoring side.  Whereas structured settlement companies will put together a structured settlement for you, a factoring company will take the structured settlement apart.  But why?


There are a number of different reasons a person would want to factor, or cash out their structured settlement or annuity payments, for example, perhaps unexpected expenses have come up and are beyond your immediate ability to pay for.  Factoring your structured settlement or annuity can help you recover from this.  These are legitimate, need-based reasons for conducting the transaction, and that’s the way it should be.  Unfortunately some companies see your structured settlement or annuity as something to raid for their own benefit.  They will coax you into giving up your payments, some or all, not for your benefit or to suit what’s in your best interest – but to line their own pocket books.  This is unethical.  While there’s nothing wrong for a company to profit off of its services, this is the point of business after all, there is something wrong with targeting people like you who have been subjected to hardships in life that you shouldn’t have had and further subjecting you to hardships by coercing, pressuring, or deceiving you into giving away your money.  Simply put: we need to keep the factoring industry clean for your sakes and for our own.  This side of the industry must be saved from itself, or more specifically, those in the industry who are in it for the wrong reasons.  They’re not here to help, just to make a buck. and are open resources for you to use.  Engage your structure broker about the material and join us in cleaning up the industry.  Factoring has an important place in the industry as a whole.  Wouldn’t you feel safer knowing you could trust all the actors within it, and not have to guess?


Help us build a database of material to help others like you and your broker.  Have you received mailings you didn’t ask for and don’t want?  How about phone calls?  Has someone tried to speak to you in person?  On Facebook or other social media?  Let us know through the contacts tab.  We welcome your support in this Ethics Initiative.


Get involved.  Educate yourself and others.  Together we can clean up the industry.


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