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About Factoring Ethics

Ethics is the one-stop resource for industry professionals, plaintiffs, and annuitants looking to get information on ethical questions facing the factoring industry today.  Beyond just information, this site serves as the central hub for the Ethics Initiative, headed by Bentzen Financial.


Our goal is to arm industry professionals, plaintiffs, and annuitants with the information they need to protect themselves from predatory factoring companies. is more than just an informational resource; it’s also a place where anyone can contribute to the cause for better ethics in the factoring community.  If you’re tired of the way things are going in the industry then join us and take a stand by contributing testimonials, endorsing the Ethics Initiative, and signing up for our mailing list. will reveal as much as possible about the particulars of the various issues, such as scraping, forum shopping, and “Gotcha!” checks, as well as ways to handle them.


Explore the issues by clicking here.

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