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The factoring industry is in a state of turmoil.  There’s a rift forming between the companies that do ethical business and those that do not, and the outlook is grim if no one stands up to prevent the slide into the mud that declining ethics represents.


Structured settlements are good.  This is true for the factoring industry and for annuitants.  They represent safe, tax-free ways to channel income to those experiencing hardship in their lives.  Structured settlements are the life blood of the factoring industry.

Feel free to use any of the resources available on this site to help you become confident and secure in your position as the one holding the reins for your financial security.


Your structured settlement or annuity is important, both to you and your financial independence but also to those who operate in the ‘secondary market’ of the structured settlement business, the factoring side.  Whereas structured settlement companies will put together a structured settlement for you, a factoring company will take the structured settlement apart.  

Are you tired of the endless calls from companies trying to get you to sell your annuity? can help! 
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